Interview with Ankie Daanen, Doll Artist

Interview with Ankie Daanen, Doll Artist

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For more than 35 years I am a dollmaker, first as a pupil, now as a professional and teacher. Almost every day I work on my dolls and try to make the ultimate doll that tells everything I want to say.

I like my dolls to be sad, happy and even mystic. That they give you the feeling of having a life and soul and I hope that you recognize some of that in them. I try to let my dolls bring an intimate connection with the human spirit. And perhaps that is what transformes the doll into a piece of art. I hope so.

The basic of doll making is craftmanship, but it goes beyond this. Doll Making involves expression and recognizing emotions together with using high-quality materials. For me this means:

“Dollmaking, a never ending story”


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