Did you know that you’ve got a secret weapon for getting noticed online?


The internet may be busy and crowded, but your gorgeous artwork has the potential to make people stop and stare!

All you need are visual images that maximize the appeal of your work—and I’ve got the experience to help you create them.

'Selling on Social'

Having a 'Brand Presence'

And 'Growing Your Audience'

It can all feel overwhelming or stressful for any artist.

Here at Artistic Marketing Solutions, I believe in making a beautiful online presence in line with your style and brand, as simple as possible.

Our mini social selling packages are designed for artists who want to become recognizable for what they love to do.

Creative Social Media Banner or Branding Package 

A graphic design, created for your social media page(s), designed to be in line with your style, engaging and responsive (i.e. it works on phones and computers and still looks good!)

Creative Video Portfolio

We create a  beautiful showcase of your work to grow your online presence, and give you the opportunity to engage your audience and draw them into your artistic world.

Showcase your art in a creative way!

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Adele Sciortino offers her impressive graphic skills along with her 25 plus years of marketing experiences  to create videos, banners, and other marketing tools allowing your business to shine.  

I have found Adele to be wonderful to work with. She understands your needs and delivers professional images. I am always amazed at the welcoming comments I receive from her work. She makes my artwork shine!!!!!

Ellen Silberlicht

Banner Sample Gallery

Book a FREE discovery call with Adele to see if this is right for you!

Adele, being an artist herself, understands the struggles artist face to have their art viewed.  I found the time I spent with her to workup my social media package was welll worth the money.  I can’t recommend her enough - from creating a social media banner to a full marketing package.  

Barbara Leveé   

Book a FREE discovery call with Adele to see if this is right for you!

P.S. My clients tell me I always go the extra mile. Give me a call or shoot me an email, and let's work together ~ [email protected]