Hi, I'm Adele Sciortino


A little about me:

Hello! I embarked on my artistic journey when I joined the South Alabama Fine Arts program, where I had the privilege of collaborating with incredibly talented and inspiring artists. Over the years, I have nurtured my own artistic abilities as an artist, certified graphic designer and photographer, leveraging these talents to excel in sales and marketing for more than three decades.

In my early career, I thrived as an advertising counselor in the promotional products industry, gaining extensive experience and knowledge in the realm of sales and marketing. Drawing upon this expertise, I now provide numerous opportunities for artists to showcase their work.

For the past fifteen years, I have owned and operated an online class site, serving as a platform for artists from across the globe. Through video tutorials and diverse mediums such as mixed media, figurative art, felting, beading, and wearable art, I facilitate learning and provide a marketplace for artists to share their e-patterns, e-classes, and eBooks on my Etsy store: Etsy Store Link

Photography is another passion of mine, honing my ability to balance color and composition in my graphics and videos. Leveraging this "keener eye," I have also established an online quarterly e-magazine called AforArtistic, which features remarkable artists and their captivating artwork. This publication has become a source of inspiration and knowledge for our eager readers.

I also had the opportunity to introduce a thrilling online endeavor known as The Art Connection Summit—a captivating five-day event that united artists and art enthusiasts through presentations, demonstrations, and online classes. It brought me great joy to observe the exchange of knowledge and the profound connections forged during this remarkable summit.

Passion for the arts drives me, and I take immense pleasure in helping others achieve their goals by offering a diverse range of opportunities. As if my schedule wasn't already filled to the brim, I also hold various positions, including art director and head of sales and marketing, in a family-owned commercial printing business where I serve as a vice president.

In today's digital age, promoting art has become increasingly accessible, thanks to the power of social media. Now, more than ever, consistency is key in capturing the attention of potential buyers worldwide.

My ultimate aspiration is to continue guiding artists on their artistic journey, providing support and opening doors to new possibilities. Together, let's embrace the boundless potential of the art world!

All you need are visual images to maximize the appeal of your work—and I’ve got the experience to help you create a beautiful presences. .