Hi, I'm Adele Sciortino


A little about me:

Attending South Alabama Fine Arts program set me on a path in life allowing me to work with and meet some extremely talented and wonderful artists throughout the years.

As an artist myself, and a passionate certified graphic designer and photographer, I find my talents have served me well in over 30 years of sales and marketing.

In my early years I worked as an advertising counselor in the promotional products industry.

Building on my vast experience and knowledge in the marketing industry, I offer many opportunities for artists.

I own and have run for over 12 years, an online class site, where I host artists from around the world; teaching through video, mixed media, figurative art, felting, beading, wearable art, etc. This allows me to also represent artists in my Etsy store where I offer their e-patterns, e-classes and eBooks. https://www.aforartistic.com/

Another interest of mine is photography which has given me a "keener eye" for balancing out color and composition in my graphics and videos.

I have also created an online quarterly e-magazine, AforArtistic, featuring artists and their artwork. It is a publication people look forward to for inspiration and knowledge. Another venture I recently began, The Art Connection Summit, offers art related presentations, demonstrations and online classes; bringing artists and art appreciators together for a 5 day event of sharing. My passion is in the arts, and I certainly enjoy helping others achieve their goals through the many opportunities I offer.

As if that isn’t enough to fill someone’s day, I am a vice president of a family-owned commercial printing business where I hold many positions including art director and head of sales and marketing.

There has never been a better time to give attention to promoting art. Social media has made it so easy to reach potential buyers from around the world. The key is: Consistency

My hope is to always help artists on their artistic journey.

All you need are visual images that maximize the appeal of your work—and I’ve got the experience to help you create a beautiful presences. .