~ The Genesis Behind ~ A for Artistic

A for Artistic was created as a welcoming gathering place for figurative art students around the world. We’re a safe haven where you can expand your skills in learning, experiencing and mastering doll art. Whatever your interests …whether you work with dolls, puppets or marionettes … in cloth, paper clay, polymer or a variety of mixed-mediums …we provide the encouragement and support your creative journey. 

Our international scope includes students from US, Canada, Australia, Singapore, Ecuador, UK, Africa, China, Spain, Netherlands, Russia, Germany, Spain, Thailand and other places near and remote where artists share a passion for this beautiful art form. 

On this site the doll artist community connects, shares and has access to every resource available for them on the planet. We offer the highest level of online figurative art classes taught by the finest teachers across the globe.


Our intimate class setting encourages artists to make close friends and delight in “reunions” as we meet one another again in other classes.

Our quarterly e-magazine, "AforArtistic,” provides valuable information, news and tips about doll-making including step-by-step tutorials and features about new doll artists. 

Visitors also enjoy access to our private class community forums and class videos.

A for Artistic was created by Adele Sciortino, co-founder of the Figurative Artists Consortium in Canada and passed president of ODACA (Original Doll Artist Council of America), a professional one-of-kind doll organization. (www.odaca.org)


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As a figurative artist who teaches both live and online classes, Adele shares a love for the figurative art with her students and enjoys the dynamics of creating classes that meet their creative needs. 

Originally from New Orleans, Louisiana, Adele now lives in Canada where she is also the vice president of the forty-year-old company, PCA Calendars & Planners. (www.pcacal.com)

She is a Graphic Design graduate with more than 30 years’ experience in marketing & sales.


Adele invites every figurative artist, whether aspiring or experienced, to join the community, share in the fun, check out the newest online classes and e-classes that are available and meet the teachers – all at AforArtistic.com.

Together we can make the world a better place through the beauty of figurative art – and the wonderful community of
talent behind it! 

Visit and join our Facebook, Instagram and Pinterest platforms, catch up with fellow students and teachers, and stay informed about upcoming classes to find the best program for you – online or e-class
at www.AforArtistic.com! “Where Creative Minds Meet”


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