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By Ellen Silberlicht

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Make a splash with this felted fish emerging from the waters!

Living rurally, I have spent plenty of <me on the banks of rivers with my husband, a fisherman. So of course, it isn’t surprising that I have been inspired by those adventures and translated them into my felting. I enjoy observing the fish splashing and swimming effortlessly through the waters.

Ever since I created my first three dimensional fish piece, I have been asked for a class....so here it is!

Beginning with two separate pieces, one created with a resist and one a flat felted piece, you cut and join the two, creating a very lifelike scene of the fish splashing out of the water. I have created a Rainbow Trout for my class lessons, but feel free to choose a fish that speaks to your sensibilities. Now this could be a fishing club you might just want to join!

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan


Supply List video full explanation of felting supplies

Felting Tools Video

Three videos explaining and demos to create the Splash Felted Fish  to complete your own wall art.

Private Facebook group to interactive with me and help you through the process. 


I'm Ellen

Escaping rural America after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for America Craftsman, Ellen Silberlicht returned to her roots in rural northeastern Pennsylvania where she taught pottery at the high school she had attended. Her first exposure to felting was a jewelry class in the early 1990’s, but it took 25 years for her to be able to return to that spark. Trained as a potter, working with malleable material speaks her language. A huge difference to her approach to felting is the need to carefully plan ahead; clay can be very spontaneous. The natural world has always inspired her focus on the incredible textures and patterns found. The journey really began in 2016 when she retired from teaching and married her raku clay vessels with felted sculptural tops. Ellen’s artwork emerges from a sense of joy, playfulness and humor.

Her appetite to learn and translate those influences continues her creative explorations.



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