Seasons of a Vessel

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With Ellen Silberlicht

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Course Description


This vessel class will share the joys of felt making. Videos take you through the steps of how to create a basic vessel using a resist pattern.....and then add many embellishments to give each one a unique style. Creating texture with Sari silks, nepps, viscose or bamboo to add sheen, silk for a nuno technique, rock making and silk hankies. You will get all these techniques with this one class. Guaranteed, you will not stop creating vessels after you make your first! So many options to explore!

Lesson Plan

Start up videos: 

1)  Prefelt To Finished Felt - ABC's of Felting Video 
2)  Welcome Video

You will learn:

Basic vessel layout on resist pattern

Embellishing for texture with:

  • Nuno felting
  • Felting with yarn
  • Prefelts for precise decoration
  • Rock making and what silk hankies can do

Let loose and have fun!

Private Facebook group to interactive with me and help you through the process. 


I'm Ellen!

Escaping rural America after graduating from Rochester Institute of Technology’s School for America Craftsman, Ellen Silberlicht returned to her roots in rural northeastern Pennsylvania where she taught pottery at the high school she had attended.

Her first exposure to felting was a jewelry class in the early 1990’s, but it took 25 years for her to be able to return to that spark.

Trained as a potter, working with malleable material speaks her language. A huge difference to her approach to felting is the need to carefully plan ahead; clay can be very spontaneous. The natural world has always inspired her focus on the incredible textures and patterns found.

The journey really began in 2016 when she retired from teaching and married her raku clay vessels with felted sculptural tops. Ellen’s artwork emerges from a sense of joy, playfulness and humor.

Her appetite to learn and translate those influences continues her creative explorations.


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