Santa's Joy 

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With Sharon Mitchell

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Santa's Joy by Sharon Mitchell, Cloth Doll Artisti


I look forward to seeing you in class to create your very own Octogenarian!

 Looks like Mrs Clause gave Santa the job of looking after the elves, while she wraps the presents! He’s got his hands full! 


"Santa transcends individual stature and surpasses the span of our own lives. His enduring legacy, extending far beyond our years, embodies a profound simplicity that holds tremendous influence. The concept of Santa instills in children the invaluable lessons of believing in the intangible, anticipating the future with eagerness, embracing the joys of giving, savoring the gratitude of receiving, and reveling in the spirit of playfulness.

This comprehensive 22-inch tall pattern encompasses not only Santa himself but also includes detailed patterns for his attire and accompanying elves. Packed with numerous photos and illustrations, the pattern serves as a visual guide for a seamless creative process. An index facilitates quick reference, while user-friendly instructions enhance the overall crafting experience.

The accompanying instructional video delves into the intricacies of assembling the components, showcasing techniques for needle sculpting both Santa and elf faces, as well as meticulously crafting their beards and hair.

To ensure easy access and organization, save the pattern to a designated folder on your computer. With 42 pages in total, consider placing the pattern in a clear file for convenient reading. Alternatively, print only the sections you require on cardstock to minimize printing costs, relying on your computer for the remaining instructions. For added convenience, save the pattern on a USB drive, enabling you to take it to a printing facility.

It's worth noting that out of the 42 pages, 17 are colored, providing clarity for those who prefer or need to adjust their printing preferences accordingly."

Hi I'm Sharon!

Born and raised, in a small West Coast town in the South Island of NZ, in a family of eight, including my live-in maternal grandmother.  Nana was instrumental in teaching and encouraging the arts of needlecraft and all sorts of other creativity, as well as cooking & gardening – I being the eldest girl, and had to pitch in. Dad was a war veteran and worked as a Fitter in the Railway, always friendly and out-going.  Mum was socially and politically active on Boards in the community, local politics, and occasional backbencher in Parliament, through her work.  She was also a nurse and after retirement, worked on the Hospital Board.  I was the only one interested in pursuing the creative arts in my family. 

The dolls on my Facebook Page, reflect my interests, and I have evolved into a self-taught Cloth Doll Artist, Pattern designer and needle sculpting tutor.


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