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I was fortunate enough to have taken a costuming class given by Adele Sciortino. Adele gives her students a very in-depth explanation of the history of costuming and generously shares all her experience and knowledge with her students.  If you get the opportunity to take any class with Adele, do so. You will benefit from one of the best.

Lisa Corr

Adele LOVES costuming and she’s excellent at it! I attended Adele’s Costuming Workshop in Italy and had a ball! She was well-prepared with fact sheets, demonstrations, and hand hands-on help. She makes her classes fun! I learned a lot of techniques that I’ve used over and over again. Adele has incredible knowledge about the costuming from different countries and eras. You won’t find a better teacher…or have better time…if you want to attend any class she offers!

Andi Kleinman

"I was ready to take my figurative art into the next level realizing that costuming is an integral part of the figure, almost as important as the figure itself. Adele gave me the confidence to implement new techniques, she shared with me substantial and in-depth knowledge of the importance of meticulous and beautifully handcrafted work.  Her instructions were precise and easy to understand and apply. I look forward to continue to tap into her vast knowledge and understanding of this beautiful form of art."

Esther Manso

Sign Up Below To Get Notified When The Course Opens!

I will email you the details as soon as they are available.

If you know anything at all about Adele Sciortino, you know she's got both high enthusiasm and a really talented eye for design. Awhile back some of us fellow doll artists practically begged her to do a costume design class. I was so thrilled when she finally put this one together, and I have not been disappointed.

My love is sculpting dolls from polymer clay. When it comes to costuming them, I've felt I would very much like some direction to make them a little more elegant, and stylishly appealing. Every project that Adele does has those qualities, and I feel very lucky to have the opportunity to learn some things from her.

In particular, I have learned some initial steps in creating a costume that help bring it to life before you even begin putting it together that have proved very effective in the final outcome.I like that!

She respects your own vision, and is dedicated to helping you achieve what you set out to create.

She is there along the way to help if you run into problems—and I did—and get you going again.

Most of all, I value her feedback-- she isn't afraid, for example, to suggest what might work best, or appear more to scale. She isn't preachy or intimidating about it, rather your very best friend when it comes to creating your most wonderful vision!

I've taken away so much invaluable knowledge from this class that will help me for years to come, and I can't wait for her next class.

Leann Marshall


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