Octogenarian  Youth is Wasted on the Young

With Sharon Mitchell

Cloth Doll Artist

Class Starts: August 14, 2023

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  Needle sculpting, face painting, wigging, costuming and embellishments. 14 inches tall, but can be taller!

  Making an Octogenarian!

Octogenarian - Youth is Wasted on the Young
Style based on AI images of Jonas Peterson - Creating the fashion statement look from head to toe. Sculpting, wigging, costuming, face painting and accessories. 

The body, arms, legs

Draw and stitch body, breast, head, hands, arms.   Prepare and make base
  • Turning, stuffing, body, head breast, hands
  • Hands - armature. Attach to arms.
  • Dress – fitting, sewing, finishing.
 The head & face painting
Head, stuffing, and marking out.
  • Needle sculpting
  • Colouring the face
  • Hair: how to put on.
Costuming & Accessories
  •  Jacket construction
  • Design elements
  • Sew/make accessories
  • Make & decorate Glasses
  • Attach the head.


Hi I'm Sharon!

Born and raised, in a small West Coast town in the South Island of NZ, in a family of eight, including my live-in maternal grandmother.  Nana was instrumental in teaching and encouraging the arts of needlecraft and all sorts of other creativity, as well as cooking & gardening – I being the eldest girl, and had to pitch in. Dad was a war veteran and worked as a Fitter in the Railway, always friendly and out-going.  Mum was socially and politically active on Boards in the community, local politics, and occasional backbencher in Parliament, through her work.  She was also a nurse and after retirement, worked on the Hospital Board.  I was the only one interested in pursuing the creative arts in my family. 

The dolls on my Facebook Page, reflect my interests, and I have evolved into a self-taught Cloth Doll Artist, Pattern designer and needle sculpting tutor.


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