To Dye For Velvet and Lace Journal

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With Robin Dudley Howes

Starts October 8, 2021

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Course Description 

This course has 2 main parts.

The first part is all about dyeing silk velvet and natural fiber trims.

The second part of this course focuses entirely on making a journal from start to finish incorporating the dyed textiles.

This is what you’ll get in this course:
  • 4.5 hours of high definition video, all close up and detailed so you can see everything clearly 
  • 2 page downloadable tutorial for dyeing that coordinates with days 1 & 2
  • 47 page downloadable tutorial with lots of clear pictures and step outs that coordinate with the journal video lessons on days 3 & 4.  It’s like a how to booklet!

There is also lots of clear pictures and 3 bonuses!

Lesson Plan 

Day 1 & 2 - All about dyeing your textiles.  You need a full day to dye the textiles and a full day to let the textiles dry
Day 3 - Making the journal covers with your dyed textiles and putting together the signatures
Day 4 - Making snippet strips to bind the journal, decorating the journal, bonus lessons & finishing the journal.

I'm Robin!

Thank you so much for taking my class, TO DYE FOR! I've been teaching some form of creativity for about 20 years at many venues that have included cozy home gatherings, quilt shops, bead stores and National art retreats. I've also been published many times in artsy magazines and books and through it all I still love teaching and creating. It's part of my soul and every fiber of my being and I bet it is for you too.

I hope you have as much fun dyeing your textiles as I do. Creating and dying textiles brings so much joy and surprise and allows for your art to be completely different from anyone else . Use your new textiles to dress a doll, jewelry or follow along as I show you how to make a journal. Now let's use our gorgeous velvet, lace and trims to make a sumptuous journal!



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