When I have Wings to Fly 

With NIADA Artist Leslie O'Leary. Class starting 4th June.

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I'm busy researching Frida and to create this incredible workshop for you. Not only will we be creating a glorious piece of art together but you will also receive from my studies unique information about Frida. I have taken years of studying her style of dress and what drove her to choose the styles she did...down to what colors she loved. There will be many interesting discoveries for you! This will be a one of kind unique experience for you beyond doll making.

For Art:
You will earn needlesculpting, painting and insetting eyes, interesting costuming techniques to create her garments and a beautiful headdress.

For Personal Learning: 
In this workshop you will walk away with a wonderful understanding of color, personal information on Frida and of course an art piece that you will cherish!

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When I Have Wings to Fly Class Starting June 4, 2020

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