Whisper Wing Angel

With Colleen Colquhoun

Air Dry Clay Artist

Class Starts: March 22, 2023

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Course Description

Class Format: PDF & Videos Downloadable

In This 3 Day Class we will Sculpt a Paper Clay Angel Doll with Pretty Whisper Wings, a Halo Crown, and decorative Crosses !

We will cover Sculpting the head with a Short Bodice creating a swivel type head and neck.

We will also sculpt the lower arms and legs. The body of the Doll will be sewn from cloth with an easy wire armature.

We will cover Painting the Doll’s face and an easy wigging technique.

We will not cover clothing … leaving that up to each Artist so that we can go into More of the Embellishing techniques of the Doll.

These techniques will include creating decorative Crosses, A halo Crown and mixed media Angel Wings using Half Cilla clay, Thin Copper, a Die cut machine and Molds. If the student does not have all or some of the tools that I use there are always other ways to create these Items.

This class will include a PDF Instructional File with pictures and a few important videos to show different techniques .

Any Level student can join this class but students that have no paper clay experience should understand that they will be working at a slower pace . I am always there to help.



Daily Lesson Plan 

Lesson Plan

PDF & Video Downloadable

DAY 1Create a wire armature, sculpting head and body (arms, legs and feet)

 DAY 2Sew the fabric body suit, create wire armature, sanding & painting

DAY 3Assemble the doll, wigging, create wings, cross and crown

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Hi I'm Colleen!

My lifelong Art Journey has led me to creating Dolls primarily sculpted from Paper Clay. I also incorporate Vintage fabric, metal, and anything else that I find interesting from my antique treasure hunts!

I love sharing my doll making knowledge by teaching , and every time I teach I also learn from the students. I feel that when we get together in numbers to be creative we “touch” spirit and we awaken a little more.


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