"...When I Have Wings To Fly"

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By Leslie O'Leary

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Class Description


Frida was a unique woman in her own time, and has transcended to being an icon of today. In creating this workshop for you, I want to bring not only glorious piece of art as a doll, but also insight to her as a person.

I have taken years of studying her style of dress and what drove her to choose the styles she did...down to what colors she loved. There will be many interesting discoveries for you! This will be a one of kind unique experience for you beyond doll making.

This class is best suited for intermediate-advanced to master doll makers.

I am excited to bring this art piece to you!

Techniques Taught In This Class

For Art:

You will learn needle sculpting, painting and insetting hand- painted eyes, interesting costuming techniques to create her garments and a beautiful headdress.  

For Personal Learning: 

In this workshop you will walk away with a wonderful understanding of color, personal information on Frida in her style of dress and of course an art piece that you will cherish!


General Outline

Class One: Getting Prepared * Inspiration * Supplies in Detail

Class Two: Sewing & Stuffing the Body

Class Three: Needle sculpting * Eye Details * Adding Head

Class Four: Painting Face

Class Five: Costuming Part 1

Class Six: Costuming Part 2

 Class 7: Finishing Details


You have heard art imitates life. I have found this to be truly so.

I personally went through a very profound transition to land on solid ground where I found another path leading me onwards. I have discovered this IS life….this is growth.

This has also been expressed in my art. Now that I look back at my art over the last 3-4 years,  it is very clear where I was in each of my transitional stages. I feel that I have broken free of my binds and cocoon and now am soaring on a continuous flight of discovery! Stay tuned for much new work coming from me! Transcending.


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