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Join Leslie, in learning from start to finish with detailed instructions on how to create a beautiful and creative rabbit doll. Our focus will be on sculpting a rabbit head in clay using a waxed finish with an armature cloth body. This rabbit will be costumed in a graceful Oriental style. Leslie will explore with each student the art of color balance to create a unique costume. 

This class is for intermediate to advanced students who feel at ease using a sewing machine and hand-sewing.

Lesson Plan:

  • Lesson 1: Color and your Palette
  • Lesson 2: Sculpting in Air-Dry Clay – Head, Ears, and Paws
  • Lesson 3: Sewing the Body
  • Lesson 4: Painting the Head, Ears, and Paws
  • Lesson 5: Assembling the Body
  • Lesson 6: Sewing the Costume
  • Lesson 7: Embellishments to Costume
  • Lesson 8: Adding Costume and Final Details 

BONUS: Exploring your options in fabrics or vintage linens

"If you’ve never taken an online doll making class…. And you’ve wanted to… I highly highly recommend oh take one with Leslie O'Leary. This will be my fifth class with her. Professional, patient, funny and fun….
Come learn some new skills."

Rosemaire P

I'm Leslie!

You have heard art imitates life. I have found this to be truly so.

I personally went through a very profound transition to land on solid ground where I found another path leading me onwards. I have discovered this IS life….this is growth.

This has also been expressed in my art. Now that I look back at my art over the last 3-4 years,  it is very clear where I was in each of my transitional stages. I feel that I have broken free of my binds and cocoon and now am soaring on a continuous flight of discovery! Stay tuned for much new work coming from me! Transcending.


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