Queen Anne Style Jointed Cloth Doll 

By Leslie O'Leary

NIADA Artist        

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Six Lessons of history, Leslie’s personal inspiration and instructions with illustrations and photos.

Leslie has taken the 18th century carved wood version and translated it into cloth.


You will learn to create a three-dimensional needle-sculpted face all in cloth.


Using a new technique, you will create glass-like almond shaped eyes and painting the face decorated with stylized eyebrows, lashes, and brightly rouged cheeks that characterize the "Queen Anne" style dolls.


Full head wigging is also included.

The body shape design itself is unique and created to mimic a wood sculpted doll.


Learn to joint the arms, and jointed legs that set into the hips.


Unique painting and finishing techniques will give your doll a historic look.

Also included: Corsette and pantaloons pattern to complete this doll.

E Pattern :  Robe à la Française, Hat, and Shoes.

For the Queen Anne’s evening out, she must be attired beautifully.


The Robe à la Française gown is associated with the eighteenth-century Rococo style that featured purely ornamental designs and with intricate floral patterns, popular between 1715 and 1775.


This pattern helps you to create a dress that is made of rich fabrics and loaded with frilly decoration; the robe features a tight-fitting bodice with a square neckline.




There are ties along the front of the bodice with a stomacher, or triangular panel.


Tight sleeves to the elbows have ruffles called engageantes that circle the lower arm.


The back of the dress features pleats.


The outer skirt of the Robe à la Française is made of a decorative fabric over a pretty petticoat.


Her Hat and Shoes are hand-made with ease and designed to complement her dress in beautiful fabrics.


Lesson Plan For Queen Anne

  • Inspiration

  • History

  • Full shot of Queen Anne

  • Supplies in Detail

  • Body

  • Undergarments


  • Needlesculpting

  • Eye details

  • Adding Head

  • Painting Body

  • Painting face

  • Finishing and Sealing

  • Jointing

  • Hair

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