Pocket Full of Posies

Online Course

with Christine Shively-Benjamin

Starts November 23rd - Just $45!

This class will be broken down into three segments.

Moving through our time together we will create a fanciful bouquet of flowers and a choice of display vessels.

There are some concepts that will be used in the construction process that are simple and basic that produce a wide variety of wonderful results. From beginner level sewing stitches to the use of everyday shapes manipulated and arranged in a vast array of combinations, the sky's the limit creating the nature inspired bouquet of flowers.

Rectangles, circles, hearts, tubes, nothing complicated in this repertoire. Repetition or change of scale in a shape can change the whole outcome of a blossom. A gathering stitch created to produce volume changes a flat circle into a little vessel to place a bit of polyfill and a flower bud appears.

Goals and Objectives

There are a number of goals and objectives that will be achieved in this class. Observing nature and breaking down the components of the flowers and leaves will enable the student to create what is on the list of items in the class. Those skills can be expanded to empower the student to break down the shapes and volume of other floral choices and take the intimidation factor out assembling a new choice of flower or leaf.

The vast horizon of possibilities that can be created from basic shapes like circles, rectangles, half circles, teardrops, and tubes will be explored as the class progresses.

Elementary sewing stitches can take the student a long way. Creating volume with a running stitch, manipulating shapes, layering color and repetition of shapes creates the natural harmony in floral design.

The small but important details of finishing each item will be stressed. Efficient methods of cutting components and resources will be shared.

Experimentation with proportion and manipulation of materials will be a feature to inspire the student to create combinations of foliage and floral elements.


Lesson Plan for Pocket Full of Posies

Lesson 1

The first installment of the class will offer a Zoom meeting to clarify any of the tools or materials that will be needed to create the flowers in lesson one.

Lesson 2 

The second installment of the class will offer a Zoom meeting to show the work from the week before of the flowers created. Questions and answers for clarification on the upcoming flower selections for lesson two.

Lesson 3

The third installment of the class will offer a Zoom meeting to show the work from the week before of the flowers created. Questions and answers for clarification on the upcoming leaf and vessel selections for lesson three. 

Christine Shively-Benjamin

My doll art took root in my joy of finding a penny in the lining of a pocket. First impression is not worth much but with imagination, innovation, experimentation I would apply my life experiences to create my fabric figures. Turning the mundane into the marvelous has been a driving force in my life. I create opportunities in unlikely places.

The long doll art journey I have been on is a kind of three dimensional diary. The pages are crammed with the things that have sparked my imagination. The dolls are a result of a lifetime love affair with fabric, drawing and painting hand sewing and thread, portraiture, ethnic and historic costume and the desire to tell a story using the doll as the vehicle.

Experimentation, improvisation and discovery allow for the incorporation of the historic and cross cultural reference points, fashion, textiles and embellishment that has been my lifelong inspiration. The combination of observation with fantasy and imagination fuse the familiar with the foreign to create something new with a sense of inclusiveness.

Since experimentation is a guiding force it is not an accident that the fabric figures I create use the tools of improvisation. Yes...And...Agree and Add. Heighten and Explore.

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