Little Hanger Doll

  Colleen Colquhoun

   Starts April 13, 2022

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Class Description


In this class we will create a small simple jointed paper clay doll approximately 9 inches . I say “simple” because she is easily assembled with Jewelry pins and silk ribbon. New metal findings at her joints are being introduced.

She has the feel of a puppet and she can sit or be hung by her little hanger and beads.

We will be going over all of the techniques including sculpting the head and face, a

simple torso, and arms and legs. We will also cover sanding and smoothing , painting and sealing the body parts.

After all of the parts are completed, we will assemble, wig, cloth and finally embellish the doll. The last step will be creating her hanger . Attaching her to a hanger is optional.

I will also include a few short videos so I can really demonstrate certain important techniques

Lesson Plan

Lesson Plan


We will be covering the following: 

1) Armature & Breast Plate & Sculpting Head

2) Sculpting Arms & Legs

3) Drilling (Super Easy)

4) Sanding

5) Painting

6) Creating The Hanger

7) Costuming & Headdress


Goat Hat Pattern and Instructions


I'm Colleen

My lifelong Art Journey has led me to creating Dolls primarily sculpted from Paper Clay. I also incorporate Vintage fabric, metal, and anything else that I find interesting from my antique treasure hunts!

I love sharing my doll making knowledge by teaching , and every time I teach I also learn from the students. I feel that when we get together in numbers to be creative we “touch” spirit and we awaken a little more.


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