LadyBug: Piáo Chóng

By Leslie O'Leary

NIADA Artist        

Class closed

As many of you may know, my art is not only about the beautiful techniques but also of the symbolism. The Ladybug has so many meaning and I especially loved this one!

“The Ladybug is a symbol of taking action on your dreams, as she is related to gardens, her very presence represents planting the seeds of your dreams. Water it, give it sunshine and gratitude, and it will grow.”

In this Workshop, I will show you how to create needle sculpt her face and how to add your own hand painted  eyes! You will create a body that will be shaded using various paints.


To compliment her painted body, I will show you how to create her kimono and her glorious wings! Her hair will be created into topknots for an Asian feel.


In addition we will have not only the forum but a FaceBook Workshop page where you can share your thoughts and photos. I will have Live chats and videos for you!

Can’t wait to bring this art experience to you!

General Outline

  • Inspiration

  • Supplies in detail

  • Inspiration 

  • Piecing, Sewing & Stuffing the Body


  • Inspiration 

  • Needlesculpting

  • Eye Details 

  • Adding Head

  • Painting Body

  • Painting Face

  • Costume

  • Wings

  • Final Details

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