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I’m Leslie it is in the darkest of dark that I found my own light…my own way out.  It is there where I had a true soulful and physical transformation. 

It is truly possible… your light is there also! Art, yoga, health choices, and steadfast optimism…so you ask how do these connect to help me? I’ve brought them together into one place – Soul Flight. 

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A bit of background

Leslie O’Leary has been a full-time artist created dolls for 30 years. Her devotion to her craft, she inspires other by teaching her designs that are explicitly patterned for her students.

She is a member of the international juried organization, NIADA, and has taught her workshop designs world-wide. Her one of a kind works is held in collections around the world.

At this time, Leslie has moved her personal work into less commercial to that of expressive growth.

She lives with her husband, Sean, and their dog, Sparti, in

Lone Tree, Colorado.

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