The Goddess

By Marla L. Niederer

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The Goddess is a 19” tall needle sculpted, hand painted art doll with ball joints and a facial cloth overlay. 

The head has very unique sculpted eyes utilizing an advanced technique that gives the appearance of inset eyes. 

In this class you will learn a variety of unique needle sculpting techniques such as how to attach a cloth overlay on the face, creating a swivel neck, creating ball joints at the hips, knees, ankles, elbows and wrist. 

In addition, the class presents instruction on how to utilize tube and pencil watercolors for skin tone and facial coloration. 

Unique costuming design is included in instruction along with how to needle felt a hairdo. 

This workshop is designed to stretch your cloth art doll making skills to a whole new level!

Techniques taught in Class

Needle sculpt a cloth doll head

Using a variety of unique needle sculpting techniques.

Use of tube watercolors for skin tone

Watercolor pencils, Prisma color pencils and artist pens for facial coloration and their uses.

Needle sculpt eyes (advanced technique)

Which creates the appearance of an inset eye. Also needle scuplt hands and feet!

How to use a facial template

For the correct placement of facial features

Attaching a cloth overlay

Over your sculpted cloth head.

Unique ball jointing method

For cloth figures including a swivel neck.

How to needle felt

A hairdo!

How to create wire and rice paper jewelry

 For an art doll.

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