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Flower Fairies with Marla L. Niederer, Cloth Doll Artist - Class Closed

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Flower Faeries with Marla L. Niederer, Cloth Doll Artist 

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Class: Flower Fairies

Instructor: Marla Niederer

Cost: $55 for 5 lessons 

All Skill Levels   

Once Lesson One opens, it remains available until this classroom closes  Description:

"Into the depths of Nature and far deep in the woods, if you are very still and of pure heart, you may catch a glimpse of a Flower Faerie in the corner of your eye.  They each carry their own magic, their own bag of tricks. If, by chance and a turn of good fortune they welcome you into their little world you will notice that your heart beats a little brighter, your step feels a little lighter, and laughter seems to rise from you much more of the time than it used to do.” 

Join me in a Five week class and learn how to create your very own Flower Faerie.  Even though the Flower Faeries have been all created using the same pattern and techniques, they each tend to develop their own little personalities.  The Flower Faeries are 13” tall from the top of their headdress to the tips of their beaded fringe. 

In this workshop a variety of cloth doll making and beading techniques will presented.  You will learn how to needle-sculpt a cloth head utilizing a template that insures the perfect placement of facial features every time.  Techniques to create graceful hands will also be included in the class.  You will learn how to create a swivel head.  Instruction on how to utilize watercolors to create a base flesh tone and how to utilize watercolor pencils to add facial coloring will also be included in the class.  Costuming a Faerie with fabric flowers and leaves will also be presented.  In addition, needle felting techniques on how to create a Faerie hairstyle will be taught.  Included in this class are detailed instructions on how to create earrings and how to create a beaded fringe trim.  All of these techniques will be presented while you are in the process of creating a beautiful heirloom Flower Faerie.   

This is an intermediate doll making class.  Students may or may not have made needle sculpted cloth dolls previously.  Knowledge of basic hand and machine sewing skills are required. Some familiarity with beadwork will be helpful.  The beaded trim and earrings use intermediate to advanced beadwork techniques.  Simpler alternatives to the beaded trim and earrings will be offered for those who are new to beadwork.

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