Felted Goddess

By Ellen Silberlicht

Starts April 19, 2022

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Class Description


You know….we are all goddesses! To find your inner goddess, or pay tribute to a loved one, this workshop is for you! Using a flat resist, you will learn how to felt a 3 dimensional figure. Videos will give you several techniques that you can combine to create your unique goddess. So many options, you just may make more than one!


Ellen is an incredible teacher. Her instructions are clear. Her willingness to help and be available is done with such joy, kindness and patience. You will find your joy in this workshop.   ~ Valerie McLean, past participant

Lesson Plan


Lesson Plan


1)  ABC's of felting video

2) Full explanation of felting supplies list video

3) Pre-felt or felting video

  1. Supply List video full explanation of felting supplies
  2. ABC's Felting 
  3. Creating a resist pattern
  4. Layout of wool
  5. Several Embellishment techniques, tricks and tips 
  6. Polymer clay techniques
  7. Flower Power
  8. Stained Glass Effect
  9. Making Cords
  10. Felted Balls

I'M Ellen

I am a maker! Learning, discovering, testing, and trying. I love to explore the endless possibilities where my imagination takes me! And there are many! I’ve explored many different mediums which allows me to choose just how to best express that idea. Following my passion began as a very young child. Wanting to be a potter without any actual experience I ended up attending The School of American Crafts at the Rochester Institute of Technology. From there, nothing could curb my desire to learn more and experience the world around me! After 25 years of travel, growth and other experiences, I returned home…(I always said I never would, nor did I ever want to become a teacher.) I’ve learned from life….”Never say Never!).

I returned to my hometown where I taught Art for 15 years in the very school I had attended as a child. As an art teacher, I was able to open the eyes of those who may have forgotten how to “see”. This illuminated another passion…. sharing my joy. We just don’t have enough in our world and I take my job of sharing mine very seriously!

I believe everyone is creative! I believe to have the proper balance in our lives, creativity is an important component. As humans, we are all makers. Using our hands to create keeps us centered, healthy and happy.

Since you are here, you already know the value creativity brings to your life!

Trained as a potter, working with malleable material speaks my language. A huge difference to my approach to felting is the need to carefully plan ahead; clay can be very spontaneous. The natural world has always inspired my focus, with the incredible textures and patterns found. My appetite to create, share and spread my Joy has taken center stage. Creating something new is always exciting, but to keep it to yourself doesn’t let the light out into the world!

I offer my sense of joy, playfulness and humor as we create together!



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