Fairy Cottage 

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with Christine Shively-Benjamin

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This class will be broken down into three segments.

Knowing what needs to be accomplished for each increment of the class will be helpful in time management. By the end of the class an adorable finished Fairy Cottage is ready for occupation of enchanted little beings.

Changing the original properties of the medium (file folders) by adding tacky glue to the lining of the inside and wool felt fabric to the outside of the tubes. A flexible file folder can be transformed into a 3D solid
shape. Bits of scrap cardboard can be covered to make windows and front doors.


Exploration of arranging different roof-lines. Suggestions to disguise seams in a creative way will be useful in constructing the

Fairy Cottage.

Variety in height and width will give a more interesting result.
Repurposing post consumer materials, such as file folders and cardboard contribute a sustainable element to your fairy cottage. Look for more ways to employ this concept to other projects.

 â€‹Introduction to the Fairy Cottage Class

 “Come away Oh Human child...to the water and the wild…with  a fairy hand in hand” 
~William Butler Yeats~ 

I hope you will enjoy creating this delightful little Fairy  Cottage. From simple basic shapes, some ordinary paper items,  natural findings, wool blended with rayon fabric, and tacky  glue, a surprising little structure can emerge.   
The Fairy Cottage is an extension of a process I used to  construct the architectural type hats on my more complex tall  figures. Building upon an existing methodology and playing  with the possibilities to build something new, is one of my  favorite creative explorations.  

The class will employ a combination of methods, in three  increments, to help you achieve a charming little dwelling for  Fairies to inhabit.

There will be print and photo materials, to  document the steps that will be used in the construction and  embellishment process. There will also be video demonstration  sessions, and questions and answers to clarify anything that  might seem a bit cloudy in the sequence of steps or anything  else that surfaces. 

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Fairy Cottage

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