Blue, Blue Girl

By Ankie Daanen

Paper Clay Artist

Class Starts: January 25, 2021

4 Week Class - $57.00

Class Description


Class Format: PDF and video

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In this class you will be sculpting in paper clay. 

You will work with a styrofoam body, which there is a video included to show you the best way to cut out the shape of the body.  This will be a sitting doll. 

You will sculpt a head and learn how to paint the face and attach to the body.  As well as sculpting the hands, arms, legs & feet/shoes.

I will take you step-by-step on creating the costume. Plus embellishments. 

I am excited to bring this class to you through the AforArtistic online class site!

Techniques Taught In This Class

What you will learn in 4 weeks!!!

1. Basic sculpting of the head how to work with paper clay

2. Basic sculpting of the body, hands and feet

3. Painting the face & hands

4. Cutting the styrofoam body

5. How to put the doll together

6. Costuming

7. Headdress

8. Embellishments

I am happy to share classes and art dolls with you and to meet you in the safe world of cyberspace.

About 40 years ago doll making became my mission! I love (art) dolls so much because there is an internal connection of the creation with the human spirit.

A doll can give you a smile and a tear on the same moment. They are a 3-dimensional illustration and tells imaginary stories.

I try to accomplish that the total impression that counts for a good doll is a combination of high standard craftsmanship, the recognition of emotional expression and the utility of high-quality materials. And when the doll is good it will stay in the memory!

My medium is mostly Creative Paper clay and sometimes porcelain. Besides making my own art dolls I love to teach and bring students into the wonderful world of doll making.

I taught classes all over the world and twice a year I am happy that  many students find their way into Spain to enjoy an eight-day Dollmaking Holiday Class. I always say about creating my art dolls; it is a never-ending story.

 For now, I consider myself as a very lucky doll maker. My dolls are now seen all over the world and I have to thank my audience for sharing their emotions with me, because it is they who inspire me every time, to try to make the perfect doll “that stays in the memory”.

STARTS January 25, 2021


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