Beyond the Studio Series with Leslie O'Leary

What if there was a way to expand and grow in your art beyond techniques? My intention for you in the Beyond the Studio Series is to help you increase your knowledge and understanding of a deeper layer of what art can be! By sharing with you, how you can create from a different point of view, I will guide you to expand past the ordinary into the extraordinary.

I will bring my understanding of mastery, research, and insight from 30 years of working as a full-time artist. Each Special Event will hold a different topic as a Presentation with bonuses for you of a Worksheet PDF, and personal interaction with me in a Live Zoom Chat.

Looking forward to spending this special time with you!

June 10, 11 & 12, 2022

Remember to mark your calendars!  

Event #1 - The Swim Upstream: The Journey of an Artist with Leslie O’Leary

I would love to invite you to join me in this exploration of what possibilities of creating can be.

As artists, most of us are on a never-ending quest to express our world…our life.

Please join me as I share in this Presentation, my personal art journey through the swim in the upward current to finally find the place of riding with the current. I will present to you my one-of-a-kind work including progress photos and how life’s understandings have guided me to create more evolved art. My workshop or class designs will make their appearance as they also weave their way through to this Presentation.

My eagerness is to give each one of you relatable insights into your own art journey through a workable process of discovery that you can bring to your own artistic life. 

  • Three days to enjoy pre-recorded downloadable presentation video

  • PDF Worksheet

  • Personal Zoom Q & A plus discussion on the last day!


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Leslie O’Leary is an artist who through her entrepreneurial spirit has been able to create art as a self-sustaining profession for over 30 years.

She has devoted the past 20 years to her extensive study of Asian arts and the textile world. Combining Asian symbolism with clay and fabrics, Leslie creates unique one of kind pieces that are held in collections world-wide.

Leslie has created and taught her workshops designs for 30 years. She is constantly developing new courses to help the art community to learn more about figurative and the possibilities in textile art.

As well as being a world renown artist, Leslie is also a certified yoga and personal development coach. Leslie lives in Phoenix, Arizona with her husband Sean, a Rugby Coach, and their ever-active little dog Sparti.


Julie: USA

As a longtime student of Leslie’s, I highly recommend her classes and special events. Her artistic presentation of the creative material is comprehensive, easy to understand and always inspirational!

Sheryl: Victoria, BC Canada

So inspired by Leslie’s warm spirited presentations and ability to include so much attention to detail and symbolism in her art! Always a delight!

Gillian: Queensland, Australia

"Not only is Leslie a great teacher, but also her passion for the arts and her belief that creativity comes from the heart have given me the confidence to believe in myself, get out of my comfort zone, try new things and above all, create my art."

Just $57!

Purchase Event Ticket - The Swim Upstream Event #1