We passionately believe in sharing and growing as artists. 

We created the Art Connection Summit to connect you and others in a platform 

that nourishes your desire to learn and know more about art through classes and presentations.

We are here to inspire you, to bring you an experience like no other. Welcome!


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China - Italy - Germany - Australia - New Zealand - Canada - Mexico - United States - Portugal - Russia - Greece - United Kingdom

With over 60 years of combined art and business knowledge, Adele Sciortino and Leslie O’Leary joined their mutual love of artistic expressions and business experiences to bring a joyful and unique experience to you from artists around the world.

Connection is why we created Art Connection Summit.

Every October, we connect our Artists and Guest Presenters so they can share their talents and inspiration with you, wherever you are in the world, in an easy to access online learning platform.

It is a wonderful way to learn…all at your own pace…all in your own time! All Classes are downloadable for you to keep and enjoy whenever you are ready to learn. All Guest Presenters have been hand chosen for their own distinct and stirring place in the art world.

ACS purpose is to bring passion, creativity, and a human connection of unity. We are thankful you are here!

About Adele Sciortino

Adele Sciortino is an entrepreneur, figurative artist, and marketing expert who helps fellow artists promote their work and grow their following online.

A 35-year veteran of the sales and marketing industry, Adele worked as an advertising counselor for more than a decade and currently acts as Vice President and Art Director of her own commercial printing company. She’s also the owner of a successful online business, AforArtistic, and Etsy store representing artists from around the world.

In addition to her expertise as a business strategist, Adele is a passionate advocate and professional resource for her fellow artists. She’s the founder of A for Artistic, the world’s largest online school for amateur and professional figurative artists, which has hosted more than 3000 students since opening its doors in 2005. Thousands of artists around the world subscribe to her e-magazine, AforArtistic Quarterly E-Magazine, and hundreds have gathered at her art conferences, including The Canadian Art Doll Association and The Figurative Artists Consortium. Art Connection Summit is her latest effort to serve the global artist community through inspiration, connection, and education.

A successful artist in her own right, Adele has spent the last 30 years making and selling creative work as a certified graphic designer, watercolor artist, photographer, and a figurative art.

About Leslie O’Leary

Leslie O’Leary is an artist who through her entrepreneurial spirit has been able to create art as a self-sustaining business for over 30 years.

Her knowledge in marketing and operating a business has grown to keep up with the present times. Leslie held and maintained a studio outside her home.

She has created and taught her workshops designs for 30 years. Leslie creates original one of kind pieces that are held in collections world-wide.

Leslie’s heart lies with her students. She loves teaching and has created and managed Live Conferences and Live/Online Workshops and designs in her 30 years as an artist and business woman.

Leslie loves research. She has devoted the past 20 years to her extensive study of Asia arts and the textile world.

Leslie is constantly developing new courses to help the art community to learn more about figurative and textile art.

As well as being a world renown artist, Leslie is also a certified yoga and personal development coach.

Leslie recently moved to Phoenix, Arizona and now is recreating her business there.


Ann Hudson

I loved everything about my class! From the easy sign-up process
to the follow through to the admins to make sure I had what I needed to start the class. The teacher of the workshop was very
thorough and presented very clear instructions in the videos she made for the class. I cannot wait for next year's Art Connection Summit.

Bonnie Flint

The Art Connection Summit was a brilliant brainchild. I thank Adele & Leslie for this amazing chance for us artists and makers to recharge our creative souls… I joined 4 of the classes and with each one I was astounded by the efforts and quality of the presentations. There were so many intense video downloads that I thought my computer would start bulging and explode. The fees charged for these classes were very reasonable making it possible to enroll in multiple classes. I still miss traveling to be immersed in a group setting, but I will still be looking forward to next year's Art Connection Summit.

Colleen Colquhoun

The summit was pretty amazing! Classes had great tutorial and videos! I loved the virtual traveling and the speakers! This was a whole new way
of learning for me and a great Summit right from my favorite seat at
my worktable! 
Thanks to Leslie and Adele

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