Worldwide Excursion Tour 

Adventure Begins October 8, 2020

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Worldwide Excursion Tour


Tour Presentation: Videos

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It’s on your bucket list…your dream place you have wanted to explore…or you may have not even had thought of these places to be a possibility to travel to.

We are bringing hand selected Excursions right to your door way! Collect your interactive postcards along the way!

They are from places around the world and are an incredible variety to extend and enrich your experience with us at the Art Connection Summit. 

This is your opportunity to step into the places and lives of artists and people who support art.

We are thrilled to share them with you!



Educational Presentations

Tour Presentation: Videos

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These Presentations have been put together with you in mind.  We find that knowledge brings encouragement and confidence into your own creating or collecting of art. Each artist is bringing their passion to you and sharing a behind the scenes look at what gives each of them inspiration!

1) 5 Steps to Successfully Spreading Your Wings In Social Media Marketing

2) Discovery Kimono Hime (Traditional Kimono Into Modern Japan)

3) Borosilicate Glassblowing Pendant Demo

4) Eco Dying and Felt

5) The Lion King Project

6) Six Key Steps to Beautiful & Balance


We at the Art Connection Summit are deeply honored to announce Kimberley Bell, an incredible motivational transitional speaker to our team. 

She will share with you her creative insights by helping you as an artist or art lover, understand how to move forward in your own artistic journey. 

This is a game changer that you won’t want to miss.

  • Amplifying YOUR Abundant Creativity
  • The Chaos of this time, and what we can do
  • The opportunity of NOW
  • How to ‘turn up’ our creative energies!
  • Unity perspective and how that can empower us.

It is always exciting to hear from a fellow artist that can share their artistic wisdom.  Ellen with her years of working the art circuit is here to share her tried and true lesson to expand our creativity to the next level…..wherever that may be!This is a game changer that you won’t want to miss.

  • Expand your creativity
  • Taking it to the next level
  • Pushing the boundaries 

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Adventure Begins October 8, 2020


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