Making a Paper Clay Ball Jointed Doll

By Noemi Smith

Polymer & Paper

Clay Artist

Class Starts: October 08, 2020

5 Day Class - $67.00 (Pre-class lesson)









Class Description


Class Format: PDF and video

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Pre-Class - Learn to create a pattern with the connections of the BJD Doll

In this Class we are mainly working in paper clay but there are tips added for working with polymer clay as well.

This class is recommended for Medium to Advance Doll Artists, you must know how to make a basic doll in clay.

The Doll made in Class is an advance double-jointed type of Ball Jointed Doll, that makes this class quite complex but every step is explained in full.

The Pattern (blue print) is NOT included, you can create your own design by using any shape of body, a basic body shape in blank is included as a help for the student.

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

What you will learn in 5 days (Pre-class lesson)!!!

1. Basic modeling of the head how to work with paper clay

2. Basic modeling of the body, hands and feet.

3. Finding the connections of a BJD, how to divide the parts of the doll

4. Cutting off the parts of connections, cleaning the pieces in order to have it hollow.

5. How to make the balls.

6. Fitting connections with balls

7. Fine tuning the connections.

8. Fixing and fitting the Head Parts.

9. Finishing connections for hands and feet

10. How to put the doll together.

I taught myself how to sculpt in polymer clay which led to the beginning of my career in Art Doll Making. This involved learning and mastering new mediums and studying human and animal anatomy.

Over the years as my career developed, I learned to work with various clays and additional mediums in order to create exciting characters in different styles and themes.

My recent work has been focused on creating fantasy characters, monsters and sci-fi movie inspired creatures.

I design my own characters, create resin figures and realistic lifelike silicone creature babies.

Taught Doll Making and Mixed Media Sculpture workshops in California, Utah, Pennsylvania, South America (Peru, Argentina, Ecuador) and online classes to students all over the world.

● Planned and recorded lessons

● Class setup/ breakdown, preparation of sculpting supplies and materials

● Instructed and guided each student from start to finish



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