Baby Fairy

Apryl Jensen

October 9, 2020

4 Day Class - $57.00









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Class Format: PDF and video

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In this course you will learn to sculpt a life-like miniature baby fairy that is just 3 1/2” long. She will be similar to the dolls in the photos but will have a more intricate and lifelike pose. I’ll show you how to sculpt her sweet little sleeping face and giver her the tiniest details. We’ll even sculpt the fingers and toes one by one. I’ll show you a couple different wing styles as well. I’ll teach you a special technique to help keep your baby from getting squished during the sculpting process. Her body is fully sculpted front and back and looks very lifelike. After I teach you smoothing techniques, we’ll bake and sand her and blush her body for realism. We’ll then create some dramatic wings and I’ll show you the secrets to applying baby hair that looks amazing. Come and join the fun!

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

Daily Lesson Plan

Day 1 - Planning and Designing Your Project

Working With Reference Photos

Preparing the Head Armature

Preparing the Body Armature

Day 2 - Sculpting the Face

Sculpting the Body

Sculpting the Limbs

Smoothing the Clay

Preparing and Baking the Doll

Day 3 - Sanding the Doll

Blushing the Doll

Painting the Face

Day 4 - Applying Hair

Creating a Floral Tiara

Creating Dramatic Wings

Apryl discovered the art of polymer clay over thirteen years ago, and has been in love with sculpting figurative dolls ever since. From the moment she watched her first fairy making video, she has been sculpting and learning all she can about these amazing figurative artdolls. Apryl is the owner of Johnston Original ArtDolls and the ProSculpt Clay Company, and worked closely with Jack Johnston, attending his professional dollmaking courses. She is well known for her fairy and fantasy art videos at She runs an informative sculpting newsletter with over 10,000 subscribers, and a YouTube Channel (aprylian) with over 200 sculpting tips videos and over 50,000 subscribers. Apryl lives in the rocky mountains of Utah and is the mother of six amazing children.



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