By Paula McGee

Cloth Artist

Class Starts: October 10, 2020

3 Day Class - $47.00









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Jack is a cloth and clay creation. The size of this doll is determined by your armature height (and I’ll show you how this works in class) so a good estimate for size is between 17 to 24 inches tall. Jack’s big old pumpkin head and feet are sculpted in paperclay, his hands are needle sculpted cloth. The body is wire armature that I will show you how to make, then wrapped in fiberfill and yarn to build his shape. Jack has a traditional style costume inspired by the Carnivals in Versailles.

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

Daily Lesson Plan

Day One - Sculpting and Armature 

  • Sculpt head and feet. Create wire armature. Sew, wire and needle sculpt hands.

Day Two – Body Building

  • Assembling body and wrapping the armature to create torso, arms and legs

Day Three – Costuming

  • Prepping fabrics. Creating the pants, tunic, sleeves, ruff, hat. Embellishing details.

Growing up in the forests of the Ozark Mountains has been magical for me. And since childhood, nature has been a source of creativity feeding my imagination with color and texture and so much more.

I discovered “Faeries” by Brian Froud in the school library around the age of 11 and fell headfirst into Fae! I had always been a dreamy, imaginative child and this book has simply been a lifeline for me ever since. I always look to the faeries when real life is in turmoil…

I started creating fairies through soft sculpture in 1998 and have sent fairies all around the world to live with the people they were meant for. During my creative process I meditate and sing, burn candles and say blessings to these new little beings knowing that each one is meant for someone out there. A fairy may stay with me for days or weeks or even years until the person it was made for comes along and sees them. It’s like a childhood memory or a remembrance of a time when you were happy and loved. That’s what Brian Froud’s book did for me and still does and I have been blessed by the faeries to this for others. I LOVE it.

My faeries and I have been published in DOLLS, Art Doll Quarterly, Soft Dolls & Animals, Pretty Toys Magazine, AforArtistic Quarterly E-Magazine, Arkansas Made, ABOUT the River Valley publication, newspapers, and I was once on a local morning news show called Positively Arkansas.

I’ve taught live workshops and now teach mainly online classes on fairy creating. I love connecting with each and every soul who has come to meet me through Faery. Many of us have been friends for decades!



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