Bear and Raccoon Magic

All Skill Levels 

By Marla Niederer 

Cloth Doll Artist

Class Starts: October 10, 2020

3 Day Class - $47.00









Class Description


Class Format: PDF and video

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In this class you will have complete instruction on how to create 9 & ¼” tall Bear and Raccoon Magic ball jointed cloth dolls.

Each doll has a swivel neck and unique hidden cloth doll ball joints at the elbows, wrists, hips, knees, and ankles. This cloth ball joint technique is brand new and hasn’t been shared in any of my previous classes!

New techniques I share in this class are how to needle sculpt a cloth doll head without a center seam and without a cloth overlay!

The class instruction includes how to use tube watercolors, artist pens, and artist pencils to create two different skin tones and facial details.

Unique costuming design including two adorable hats, beautiful shoes, and beaded tutus are also a part of this class.

And last but not least you will be provided with instruction on how to use needle felting techniques to create two different hairdos.

This class is a fun and informative class for all levels of doll makers.

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

Daily Lesson Plan

Day 1 - Creating the facial template

Preparing the fabric and pattern

Sewing the head

Sewing the body

Stuffing the body

Putting the body together with unique cloth doll ball joints

Day 2 - Stuffing the Head

Needle Sculpting the Head

Attaching the head to the body

Using Watercolors for Skin Tone (choice of two skin tones)

Using Watercolor Pencils and Artist Pens for Facial Details

Adding final details to the Eyes

Day 3 - Creating Bear and Raccoon Magic Hats

Making a Tutu

Embellishing the bodice

Creating Pretty Shoes

Needle felting Hair

I am a self-taught figurative fiber artist and have been engaged in creating art dolls for over 20 years with over 20 years of experience in education. My art reflects inspiration from dreams, colors, sounds, nature, people, other art work, and a love for antiques. Figurative art provides me with something beautiful, calm and peaceful to focus on. It is this experience that I choose to share in the classes that I teach. I have had the honor of exhibiting my works internationally and have been published in Art Doll Quarterly, Artistic Quarterly Magazine, Art Trader Magazine, and contemporary Doll Collector.    




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