Bean Bag Betty

Beginner - Intermediate Skill Level

By Diana Baumbauer 

Cloth Doll Artist

Class Starts: October 10, 2020

3 Day Class - $47.00









Class Description


Class Format: PDF and video

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18” tall, all cloth doll that gives students the opportunity to learn about using simple quilting techniques to make a darling face; hand armature; felting hair; and stuffing with beans/pellets. Depending on the materials used, this doll can be made safe enough for a child to play with or as a desktop companion next to your computer monitor.

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

Daily Lesson Plan

Day 1 - Basic Body, costume layout and construction

Day 2 - Needle sculpting & coloring face Plus Felting hair

Day 3 - Body & Jumper Assembly Plus embellishments


I create as an expression of my soul rather than from my

physical environment. 

I've been making dolls and crating my own patterns since the 1980's when my children were young.  At First, I made dolls from commercial patterns that were easy and safe for my children to play with.  But it wasn't too long before I wanted to create my own dolls and turned to the sketches I had drawn for my inspiration. Out of this, I got referrals to make dolls for therapists to use with children who suffered trauma and much later I made simpler dolls to sell in local craft and fabric shops. 

My dolls patterns are designed and written with the beginning doll maker in mind. My patterns have been identified by some of my peers as the standard for teaching the basics about doll construction for the beginner doll maker. 



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