Texture Weaving

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With  Vicki Assegued

Starts: October 7, 2022

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Course Description


We’ll use plastic fencing material as the foundation for our super textural weaving. The fencing offers many options for creating fabulous effects, both with the bottom fringe and with the whole body of the piece, allowing for interesting and dynamic outcomes. We’ll use knotting, wrapping, tying, sewing, coiling, and twisting of our materials to build your exciting and stunning piece to hang on the wall. This is a great project for incorporating all kinds of pieces and parts you may already have on hand, such as fabric scraps, jewelry parts, shells, beads, unfinished project parts, yarn, and other embellishments. No weaving experience is necessary, and all levels are most welcome.

Lesson Plan

Downloadable Course Videos

Lesson Plan:

We begin by going over the materials needed for this project.

Day 1 : Part 1 - Adding fabrics to base

Day 2: Part 2 - Embellishing

Day 3: Part 3 - Adding Creative Shapes

Part 4 - Sample Variation

Day 4: Part 5 - Adding Fringe

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I'm Vicki!

For me, art is life, and every aspect of the creative process is metaphorical and pertinent to everything else I do and all that I am. I look at the world around me as a grand and glorious art piece, and everything within it as a possible object to include in my art. Through the making of art, my inner world manifests into the outer world, bringing my vibrant spirit into form, in order to share the beauty of life with the vibrant spirits of others.

I work with fiber art, collecting second-hand clothing, placemats, pillowcases, lace, crochet, trims, belts, yarn, string and other fiber and fun objects. I so enjoy finding what is precious and possible in these materials that were once considered disposable, unimportant, uninteresting or lacking in value. I am continually experimenting with these materials, finding new ways to layer, weave, tie, attach and arrange them to create dynamic pieces. I hope my work will inspire others to make art from the objects in their lives, to look at the world around them as full of creative possibilities.

One of my greatest joys with my art process is to teach my techniques to others and support them to create their own stunning and unique masterpieces. I love giving people the gift of new skills and tools for expressing themselves, creating their own beauty and then sharing their artwork with the people in their lives. I offer individual and group workshops, both in person and online. I strive to have my workshops, and my artwork itself, inspire others to explore their own artistic self, and to enjoy the immense delight of the creative process and outcome.


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