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Susie McMahon

Starts October 8, 2021

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Class Description & Lesson Plan 

This very simple little doll is easy and quick to make up, as the sewing and stuffing is straightforward. The simple form creates a great background to paint on, so you can create truly unique and imaginative little painted masterpiece!

You can use this simple doll-form to create a theme (or even a themed grouping), tell a story or explore an idea in colour or pattern.

I originally came up with the design for the “Sukeshi” doll when I was looking for ideas that I could make up fairly quickly for my online store. The design is loosely based on the simple wooden Japanese folk-art dolls called “Kokeshi” (hence (Su-keshi), but similar simple-form dolls occur in many other cultures and eras as well. I didn’t quite realize when I designed this doll how much fun they would be to make. It can become quite addictive, but that’s not a problem, because they make great gifts.

In the class you will learn, firstly, how to make up the body and to stuff it with minimal wrinkling of the fabric. You will learn a simple method for adding weight to the base so the doll stands well and then sewing in a flat base. You will then go on to preparing the cloth surface with sizing compound and black gesso, ready for painting and then go on to design what you wish to paint on it.

You will then proceed with painting your design in acrylic paint on the front and back of your doll shape, finishing with a coat of matte acrylic varnish to protect it.

You then have to option to make some small extras to add to your doll as finishing touches, if it needs them. I have often sculpted small things from air-dry or polymer clay, such as hearts, fish, birds etc. I have also made leaves, berries and flowers from stiffened painted fabric and tendrils from wrapped wire.

You will be provided with template patterns for Sukeshi dolls in three sizes in case you want to make a related grouping.

Most of all, you will have lots of FUN!

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Susie has been a practising artist and teacher since graduating Art School in Hobart, Tasmania in 1971.

Her career has followed distinct paths of art-making and exhibiting along with teaching in many different situations, from classrooms to seminars both in Australia and overseas. Her work is represented in collections all over the world and has been the subject of numerous magazine and book articles. 

Susie enjoys the process of sparking dormant creativity in her students—she finds joy in seeing them able to make tangible what they envisage in their heads!

Susie’s own work follows different, but parallel streams that often inform and cross-pollinate each other: she make dolls that are definitely recognizable as such, but she also make mixed media assemblage works. She also dabbles with painting and textile works and of course, she always draws!

Susie’s whole life is defined by art.


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