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With Lisa Renner

Starts October 7, 2022

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Course Description 

Heads UP! Is an amazing summit online course that covers a spectrum of techniques that you will love.  

In this class I will guide you through the steps of how to design and construct an abstract figurative sculpture using polymer clay, encaustic, chalk, shellac and more!

In video format, I will show you a plethora of useful mixed media techniques to fabricate a head out of polymer clay which you can transform into a one-of-a-kind creation.

I’ll demo how to work successfully with molds to form faces that you can alter and change into something entirely your own.  I will also show how I sculpt a face and head by hand without molds. Basic anatomical guidelines will be discussed to enhance your sculpting skills.  

We will then implement various techniques – including the use of chalk and encaustic on the clay surface to achieve beautiful, unique effects.  For those who wish to “play with fire”, I will demo how to use a torch and shellac to produce gorgeous patterns on the wax.  If you choose not to work with a torch the wax alone looks luscious, and colors can be moved around on it organically without a torch as well! These encaustic methods can be applied to your other mixed media work.


  • How to sculpt a face/head using polymer clay with and without the use of molds
  • Basic anatomical guidelines to enhance your sculpting skills
  • Surface techniques using chalk, encaustic and shellac
  • Simple method to rust paper
  • Use of a torch to achieve organic patterns on wax
  • Ideas for using unconventional items for body structures including using wooden block with wheels
  • BONUS: How to do a Faux Raku technique
  • BONUS: How to create “Nubby” Texture with wax

Lesson Plan

Our focus in class will be on making and enhancing the head so various distinctive headwear examples will be shown.  You can attach the finished head to any kind of body-structure you desire: For instance: an antique wooden spindle, a soda or wine bottle, wooden finial, the top of a vintage tin, a wooden block, or make a bust which can be collaged with wax and paper. I will have several examples for inspiration and will demo a couple of options.  Please join me for some sculpting and mixed media fun!

Day 1: Lesson I (Parts A, B and C videos)

Molds, Sculpting, Making armature and head, Incising patterns, Antiquing and chalk application

Day 2: Lesson II (Parts D and E videos)

Encaustic process, Shellac Burn

Day 3: Lesson III (Part F Video)

Headwear and Body Ideas, Adding a base

Rusting paper, Creating a wire collar, painting and adding a clay border on finial, adding fibers and fabrics to spindle body; Attaching head to body

Headwear ideas using natural pods, beads, polymer clay, creating a beaded crown; adding a base

Day 4: Lesson IV (Parts G, H and I videos)

Encaustic collage on 4” block, finishing hand-sculpted figure, shellac burn with amber shellac, attaching wheels

Bonus: Creating Nubby Texture

Bonus: Faux Raku Technique

I'm Lisa!

I am drawn to the oddities in art, particularly in figurative sculpture.  My work generally illustrates my attraction to peculiar or abstract forms with stoic facial expressions.  Although I use varied materials, polymer clay in its many applications is a favorite because of its forgiving nature and unique properties. 

There is a freedom in creating and as an artist I embrace the imperfections left in the wake of the creative process.  Here the human element is most evident, and it can be as provocative as our artistic signature. 



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