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Course Description

Join me as I take you through a unique way to create a stylized felted portrait of a loved one or pet. Your creativity will be showcased by following simple steps. This piece will certainly become a family heirloom and impress. Be sure to not share with them, how easy it was to create!

Lesson Plan

  • Instruction on how to change your chosen photograph in an artful way to achieve an inspirational starting point to your stylized felted portrait.
  • Supply list along with supplies video to describe everything you will need to create your stylized felted portrait
  • Learn to transfer your image onto a suitable base for your portrait
  • Learn to lay an initial base of wool and then add a second layer to create more detail
  • Wet felting is the next step to making lasting artwork that can be passed down from generation to generation.
  • Learn to needle felt in the fine details to finish your felted masterpiece
  • Finishing touches and framing your artwork will conclude the lesson
  • Private Facebook Group to interact with Deb!

I'm Deb!

 “People have said that I am a patient teacher when showing the multiple ways working with wool. I love to see someone who has never felted before and finish a project. The glow on their face makes it so worthwhile. There are so many ways to create beautiful Fiber-art from  wool, silk, soap and water. I also love to find found objects and cover them in the wool or use them to sculpt.“

Deb Koesters loves the spontaneity, suspense, and surprise of felting and dyeing .” You never know exactly what you’re going to get.”


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