Polymer Alchemy Floral Necklace Summit Online Course

With Lisa Renner

Starts April 21, 2022

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Course Description 

Alchemy according to Webster’s dictionary: “A power or process that changes or transforms something in a mysterious or impressive way;  An inexplicable or mysterious transmuting”.

In this workshop you will experiment like an Alchemist with Powders, Pigments and Polymer to construct a beautiful necklace comprised of colorful, organically shaped and layered discs to resemble abstractly shaped flowers. You will combine a variety of pigments and powders to be used as part of the process I call my “Faux Enamel” technique.  You’ll have the option to make your own custom palate of colors combining shimmery and/or matte pigments in your desired colorway to tailor your necklace. I’ll also show you example at the end of class of a necklace done in all black and white!


Lesson Plan

I’ll demo two different necklace designs: One, a pendant-style using two flower-sets strung on a single wire, curled in the center to form its own bail. I will show you how to work with a torch to draw a ball on the ends of the copper wire which will capture crystals, pearls and beads, adding contrast and just enough glitz to catch anyone’s eye!  Or, if you prefer not to use a torch I will demo an alternative that is esthetic and equally as functional. There will be several ways to suspend your necklace including shaping and hammering your own neck-wire, or working with beads and memory wire.

The second necklace design combines 5 flower-sets connected with jump rings for fluidity, which can be suspended from mixed metal chain and or twisted “vines” of patinaed wire.  

With their simple closures, either necklace will quickly become your “go-to!”  

Skills learned can be applied to other jewelry-making and mixed media projects.

Join me as we work our wizardry to create a unique and stunning piece of wearable art!

I'm Lisa!

I am drawn to the oddities in art, particularly in figurative sculpture.  My work generally illustrates my attraction to peculiar or abstract forms with stoic facial expressions.  Although I use varied materials, polymer clay in its many applications is a favorite because of its forgiving nature and unique properties. 

There is a freedom in creating and as an artist I embrace the imperfections left in the wake of the creative process.  Here the human element is most evident, and it can be as provocative as our artistic signature. 



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