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(Paper Clay) 

With Ankie Daanen

Starts October 8, 2021

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Course Description & Lesson Plan

In this 4- day course you will learn how to sculpt the face, hands and legs for Pinokkio, and also how to paint and make his body, his book of lies and costume him. This is a full project!

Students will learn how to sculpt with Creative Air dry Paperclay how to put the doll together.

Lesson Plan:

  • How to sculpt the face
  • How to paint the face
  • How to make the body
  • How to make the hands
  • How to costume Pinokkio



I'm Ankie!

I would like to introduce myself to you.

My name is Ankie Daanen and I make special dolls (they say) that are called Art Dolls.
I live and work in Altea la Vella and I also have my “Workshop for Puppet Art”.

They are called 'Artdolls' because they are not about baby dolls or play dolls for children.

They are more Fantastic Figures, and they are all unique.

I have also been teaching all over the world for 40 years, giving holiday courses in Spain.

Making a doll is unique and I really want to teach my students that. You model, you paint and dress up.

That is also why I really enjoy teaching online courses, and especially in this time of Corona, this has already brought a lot of pleasure to my students at home.

Maybe we'll meet soon in cyberspace!
Ankie Daanen


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