Personal Shrine Summit Online Course

Susie McMahon

Starts October 9, 2021

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Thank you for visiting my course page...... Join me and let's create your Personal Shrine!

Class Description & Lesson Plan 

This is a mixed-media project with the expression of a personal narrative as a main focus. There will be sculpting and assemblage elements to the workshop and an individual approach and self-direction will be greatly encouraged and nurtured. We will cover:

*Planning your piece according to your narrative

*Sculpting an animal or human bust and/or other elements as required, according to your vision.

*Choosing the other elements you want to use. Scavenger skills essential! They may be found objects,

natural or man-made. You may already have everything you need in your stash.

*Deciding on a base: box, plinth, driftwood, small cabinet etc.

*Painting, decoupage, photocollage, fabric manipulation etc on the base, to enhance your narrative.

*Putting it all together into a cohesive whole.

As you can see, this is a project which will draw on many of your acquired skills—the whole project will be divided into manageable chunks with support and help at all stages. You should end up with something truly personal, mysterious and unique!

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Susie has been a practising artist and teacher since graduating Art School in Hobart, Tasmania in 1971.

Her career has followed distinct paths of art-making and exhibiting along with teaching in many different situations, from classrooms to seminars both in Australia and overseas. Her work is represented in collections all over the world and has been the subject of numerous magazine and book articles. 

Susie enjoys the process of sparking dormant creativity in her students—she finds joy in seeing them able to make tangible what they envisage in their heads!

Susie’s own work follows different, but parallel streams that often inform and cross-pollinate each other: she make dolls that are definitely recognizable as such, but she also make mixed media assemblage works. She also dabbles with painting and textile works and of course, she always draws!

Susie’s whole life is defined by art.


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