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With Linda Misa 

Starts October 9, 2021

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Course Description & Lesson Plan

In this 3-day class you will learn how to fully sculpt an airdry clay art doll using my “sculpt and dry” method.

She stands about 8” tall including the bird! and sits freely inside a box that has been collaged and holds more clay sculpted flowers, making a lovely display piece.

This is suitable for all skill levels including beginners new too clay.

Daily lesson plan

Lesson day 1: Sculpting the full doll and how to use texture and molds to create the clothing.

Lesson day 2: Making the bird and flowers and decorating the display box.

Lesson day 3: Painting all the pieces, embellishing, and putting it all together.

Lessons will be video and pdf format with photos.

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I'm Linda!

I am an artist/educator who draws her knowledge from a lifelong and mixed background of artistic practices.

My training is clothing design, dance teaching and makeup artistry. I have spent many hours learning and practicing my art so that I can be a better teacher and love the journey of exploration that I am on.

Initially I was working as a textile artist before moving into air dry clay, mixed media works and painting. In 2010 we moved to Western Australia, where I teach both at home and around the State. I also travel to teach and sell my art across Australia as well as having had 6 tours to date teaching around the USA…though Covid has of course made changes to my work schedule. My patterns and classes have been available online for many years.

Over the years my artwork has also been published in several magazines and an art book.


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