Cloud Pixie Summit Online Course

With Paula Casey McGee

Starts October 8, 2021

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Join me to create your very own "Cloud Pixie" I look forward to seeing you in class!

Course Description 

Create a magical 18" Cloud Pixie!!!

Because there is a lot of clouds in my life as of late, and there is a species of fairy for everything in the world, I have seen these clouds as being little fairies.

When I was given this little dream of Cloud Fairies, most certainly by my faerie doll muse, it had been rainy season and continued to rain for weeks as happens in this central region of the US in early spring.

My husband had just passed, and I was trying to make sense of my clouded mind and life. And that’s what I do. I dive deeply into art when I need help to see forward. And I love cloud watching…

So came the Cloud Pixies!

Clouds can be sweet and silent, thunderous, and electric, and even colorful and rainbow. The options are endless.

Because I teach techniques, in this class there will be several options for learning many techniques. 2 hands options. 3 Face drawing techniques on flat heads. Variations on costuming as well as coloring the doll/costume with inks and paint.

Thank you, from me and the little clouds. Love, Paula Casey McGee – your official faerie doll mother.

Lesson Plan

Day 1: Lesson 1 - Introduction, sewing & stuffing, needle sculpting hands

Day 2: Lesson 2 - All about Faces! Drawing Faces & Hands

Day 3: Lesson 3 - Fabric manipulation & Costume construction (sewing, painting, beadwork, clay pieces, which are optional)

Day 4: Lesson 4 - Final details & embellishing (cloud headdress, wings, raindrops) & Optional finishing techniques

I'm Paula!

I create and teach this fun and therapeutic art of the dolls online. You can join me and create your own joy for your peace and wellbeing and become part of faerie land too. Join my mailing list and patron, watch my blog and social media for upcoming groups to play with new art techniques not just in dollmaking but in art fabric creation, painting on cloth and so much more...
I believe that we all have a story to tell & we leave evidence of this everywhere we go. In our homes, in our gardens, in the things we wear.
You can move into a new home and you have to make it yours, don’t you, because the previous inhabitant has left an indelible aura of a bit of their being in that space.
It’s through my art that I share my stories.I love working with previously adored vintage fabrics, jewelry, haberdashery & other items that have become tattered & worn through time, love and comfort and incorporate them into my art dolls to give these materials a fresh breath of life.‚Äč

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