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Class Description & Lesson Plan

The only precise bead technique on this little girl is the peyote.  Peyote beading is one of my favorites and once you learn the principles of this technique you will love it.  Those of you who already know this technique will still find making this project fun and rewarding.

She can be made into a necklace that will give you rave compliments when worn, and she does have a counter-balance so she doesn’t pull on your neck.  Or, make her for a fan pull, or a pull for a chain pull lamp, or to catch the light in a window, or…..?  Many possibilities.

In the class along with written and illustrated instructions are video’s showing in detail the various techniques.  How to wire and fill with stuffing the arms so they can be moved; drawing & coloring a tiny face; peyote beadwork; creating a lacy effect with beaded picot’s;  straight and kinky fringe for the tassel; spikes and fringe for her hair; and a beaded chain for the necklace or hanger.

Come join in this truly fun class.

I'm Patti!

I've been making cloth art dolls for more than 40 years.  I am an author of  several books on cloth doll making and has produced four instructional workshops available from Galli Creative and now the London Knitting & Stitching Show. 

 I remain active teaching cloth doll workshops in the US, UK and Australia.

My work is a combination of mixed medias, stitch, embellishment, drawing, painting, sewing and more.  

She is always looking for new products to incorporate in her work and her books and workshops reflect an untiring effort to provide inspiration and creative ideas for beginning to advanced doll making enthusiasts.


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