Jillie Gypsy Witch

By Paula McGee

Cloth Artist

Class Starts: October 11, 2020

2 Day Class - $37.00









Class Description


Class Format: PDF and video

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Jillie is a seated cloth creation. She’s about 10 inches high from her butt to the top of her head. Jillie’s bodacious curves are inspired by Mae West. She’s a Witch Gypsy fortune teller.  I will show you how to create my detailed needle sculpted hands and how to draw a face on flat a cloth head with a stuffed, applique nose. Her cloth shoes are hand painted and beaded with lots of hand-crafted costume embellishments. Jillie Gypsy is going to make your Halloween an inspired one this year.

I am excited to bring this class to you through the Art Connection Summit!

Techniques Taught In This Class

Daily Lesson Plan

Day 1:    Sewing, Stuffing, Needle Sculpting and Assembly 

  • Sewing the doll
  • Wire, stuff and needle sculpt hands
  • Stuff and Assemble Jillie Witch

Day 2: Costume and Salon Day 

  • Putting on the face
  • Sewing up the costume, corset, skirt and hat with the trimmings!
  • Hair Style
  • Shoes and Finishing details.
  • A little bonus – Fancy cushion for Jillie to sit upon

Growing up in the forests of the Ozark Mountains has been magical for me. And since childhood, nature has been a source of creativity feeding my imagination with color and texture and so much more.

I discovered “Faeries” by Brian Froud in the school library around the age of 11 and fell headfirst into Fae! I had always been a dreamy, imaginative child and this book has simply been a lifeline for me ever since. I always look to the faeries when real life is in turmoil…

I started creating fairies through soft sculpture in 1998 and have sent fairies all around the world to live with the people they were meant for. During my creative process I meditate and sing, burn candles and say blessings to these new little beings knowing that each one is meant for someone out there. A fairy may stay with me for days or weeks or even years until the person it was made for comes along and sees them. It’s like a childhood memory or a remembrance of a time when you were happy and loved. That’s what Brian Froud’s book did for me and still does and I have been blessed by the faeries to this for others. I LOVE it.

My faeries and I have been published in DOLLS, Art Doll Quarterly, Soft Dolls & Animals, Pretty Toys Magazine, AforArtistic Quarterly E-Magazine, Arkansas Made, ABOUT the River Valley publication, newspapers, and I was once on a local morning news show called Positively Arkansas.

I’ve taught live workshops and now teach mainly online classes on fairy creating. I love connecting with each and every soul who has come to meet me through Faery. Many of us have been friends for decades!



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