Ling Li Online Workshop 

By Leslie O'Leary

NIADA Artist   

Coming January 2021!!!    

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You have been asking and I have been listening!

I am so excited to bring Ling Li Hua: Delicate Pearl Blossom to you as an Online Workshop.

Together I will guide your to learn on how to create this beautiful Asian-influenced doll that is my signature.

Lesson Plan For Ling Li Online Workshop

  • The Head-Knit Fabric
  • The Body-Woven fabric
  • The Arms and Legs- Woven fabric
  • The Head- Knit Fabric
  • The Body- Woven fabric
  • The Arms and Legs- Woven fabric
  • Arm & Leg Armature
  • Stuffing Techniques Hands and Arms
  • Putting the Head Together:
  • Needlesculpt head
  • Make eyes
  • Adding Overlay
  • Painting the Face
  • Adding the Head to the Neck
  • Adding Arms and Legs to Torso
  • The Costume- Your choice of fabrics
  • Pants
  • Jacket
  • Sleeves
  • Jacket Skirt
  • Underskirt
  • Shoes
  • Hat
  • Ling’s Bag
  • Finishing

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Ling Li Workshop

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