Leslie O'Leary

I'm Leslie

 You have heard art imitates life. I have found this to be truly so.

I personally went through a very profound transition to land on solid ground where I found another path leading me onwards. I have discovered this IS life….this is growth.

This has also been expressed in my art. Now that I look back at my art over the last 3-4 years,  it is very clear where I was in each of my transitional stages. I feel that I have broken free of my binds and cocoon and now am soaring on a continuous flight of discovery! Stay tuned for much new work coming from me! Transcending.

I am so very excited that color has returned to my life and I have a clear vision to where I want to take my personal one of a kind art and my Workshops that I share with all of you.

I have been a full-time artist created dolls for 30 years. My devotion to my craft, my hope is to inspire others by teaching my designs that are explicitly patterned you.

I am a member of the international juried organization, NIADA, and have taught my art workshop designs world-wide. My one of a kind works is held in collections around the world.

I love bringing my life as an artist, yoga health-life coach, SoulCollage® instructor, & committed optimism together and am devoted to helping others experience the best they can be!

I come here to celebrate with you in joy, grace, and faith in my own journey...ever growing!

I share my life with my darling husband, Sean, and our crazy little dog, Sparti, in Phoenix, AZ.


E-Book - The Story Hats -Book 1 by Leslie O'Leary, NIADA Artist

This is my Story. As artist, most have a story...a reason for creating what and why we create the pieces we do. In my newest book, Story Hats – In the Spirit Garden, I am taking you further into the journey with me! Sharing not only my finished pieces but also how I got there, what is my inspiration, the materials I use, and even to my own color palette. 71 full color pages. 

Table of Contents









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