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Claudette: A Cage Doll Marla L. Niederer, Cloth Doll Artist - CLASS CLOSED

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Claudette: A Cage Doll Marla L. Niederer, Cloth Doll Artist

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Class: Claudette 

Instructor: Marla Niederer 

Cost: $60 for 6 lessons 

All Skill Level 

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Once Lesson One opens, it remains available until this classroom closes  


The words “Romance is the Music of Life,” were remembered from a dream that inspired the creation of Claudette. Claudette is a mixed media, needle-sculpted cloth, ball jointed, cage art doll, with a cloth facial overlay. During this workshop a multitude of cloth doll making techniques in addition to mixed media techniques will be presented. You will learn how to needle-sculpt a cloth head and how to attach a cloth overlay onto the head to create a softer look. A unique system of creating ball joints for the arms and wrists will be presented in this class. You will also learn how to create a swivel head. Instruction on how to utilize watercolors to create a base flesh tone and how to utilize watercolor pencils to add facial coloring will be included in the workshop. In addition, needle felting techniques will be presented to create an elaborate hairstyle. Instructions and templates for an elaborate costume in addition to jewelry making techniques are also provided. Included in this workshop are detailed instructions on how to create the mixed media birdcage shrine to romance inside Claudette’s skirt. All of these techniques will be presented while you are in the process of creating a beautiful heirloom cage art doll.

* Knowledge of basic sewing skills are required for this class. Stitches used in this class are the tacking stitch, ladder stitch, gathering stitch, and hemming stitch.

Lesson Plan:

Lesson 1:

             Preparing the Fabric 

           Preparing the Facial Template 

           Preparing the sewing templates 

           Sewing around the templates 

           Sewing the head and torso 

           Creating neck, shoulder, and hand armatures 

           Stuffing the torso 

           Needle sculpting the hand 

           Creating an arm with wrist and elbow joints 

           Attaching the arm to the torso 

           Creating and attaching breasts to the torso 

Lesson Two:

           Using a template for facial placement 

           Needle sculpting the nose 

           Needle sculpting eyes 

           Needle sculpting the mouth 

           Defining the lower lip of the mouth with needle sculpture 

           Creating the picture frames for the birdcage 

Lesson Three: 

           Creating and attaching a cloth overlay to a needle sculpted head with the use of a facial template 

           Creating and attaching ears to the head 

           Attaching the head to the neck with a swivel joint 

           Creating the paper flowers for the birdcage

Lesson Four: 

           Using tube watercolors for skin tone  

           Using watercolor pencils for facial, neck, breastplate, hands, lower arms, lower legs, and feet 

           Using Prisma color pencils and artist pens for the addition of finishing details 

           Creating the bottom of the birdcage 

Lesson Five: 

           Attaching the doll to the birdcage 

           Sewing and attaching the underskirt 

           Sewing and attaching the overskirt 

            Sewing and attaching the bodice 

Lesson Six:

           Creating a ruffled choker 

           Creating earrings 

           Using Needle Felting techniques to create an elaborate Marie Antoinette inspired hairdo with 
English Mohair 

           Creating the headpiece 

           Finishing touches 

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